December 29, 2020

Huddle up, team. Let’s clean this office the right way!

There’s more than one way for a commercial cleaning company to go about cleaning an office or workplace. They could rely on zone cleaning, where each member of the cleaning team is focused on a particular zone. Or, they could use team cleaning, where people learn and perfect certain tasks and perform them throughout your facility.

So, which is better?

While both methods will get the job done, there are more benefits to the team cleaning approach, which is how cleaning gets done at Kleenrite Co., the only certified team cleaning service in Sioux Falls.

Kleenrite breaks your space into quadrants where various cleaning tasks are performed by a team of specialists during each visit. There’s a team member who focuses on surface and window cleaning. Another team member focuses on vacuuming while another focuses on restrooms. With task specialists, you increase efficiency and also reduce the possibility of cross contamination.

Think about the very nature of a team.

On the football field, every member of the team has a defined role. Offensive linemen protect the quarterback and open holes for the running backs. Running backs advance the ball by virtue of the opportunities created by the linemen. And so on. The same principles apply to team cleaning.

Instead of multitasking and “wearing many hats,” team cleaning involves specialization, which increases productivity. Think about it. With varied responsibilities as is the case with zone cleaning, it’s more likely that a cleaner will miss things. Plus, with zone cleaning, each cleaner needs their own equipment, which results in costly duplication of supplies, not to mention more space needed for storage – all costs that a cleaning company will pass on to customers.

Team cleaning outperforms zone cleaning. Yay, team!

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons team cleaning is a better alternative.

  • Cleaners are trained to do one job well
  • A higher quality of cleaning is performed in less time, which saves on costs
  • Team cleaning can be customized to your facility
  • Fewer equipment costs means lower costs for customers
  • A more cooperative attitude among cleaners because everyone understands their role

Team cleaning could be the answer to the problem of cost.

We get it. Many companies are tightening their belts and trying to reduce expenses. Team cleaning can help you reduce overall cleaning costs while keeping your facility clean and safe. Think about it, one person vacuuming your entire facility can get that task done far more efficiently than several people juggling a laundry list of duties. With a team of specialists focused on perfecting one task, it’s easy to see the efficiencies at work.

How can team cleaning work for you?

Are you happy with the quality of service you’re getting from your current commercial cleaning company? If you are, great. If you’re not, it might be time for a change.

Look for professional cleaners who focus on best practices and efficiencies that can end up saving you money.

Kleenrite has been in the commercial cleaning business in the Sioux Falls area since 1973. Over the years, processes have been perfected, which has resulted in consistent, responsive and affordable service for businesses across southeastern South Dakota.