April 18, 2022

First impressions: It’s what we do

If you work in an office or other commercial space, you might not notice the dust and grime that tends to slowly and silently build up over time. But your customers do.

And since first impressions are so crucial, a not-so-clean workspace could convince prospects to not do business with you. After all, a dirty workplace could telegraph that you don’t exactly care about the little details.

So, instead of turning people off before you even start your sales pitch, maybe a crack team of office cleaners is the ticket.

Show your professionalism.

Keeping a tidy shop or office is part of providing professional services to customers. Plus, a clean workspace gives the impression that your entire business is just as well organized. Not only that, an office that is cleaned regularly is good for your employees. It makes them more chipper. It improves morale. And it makes your place more positive overall. Think rainbows and puppy dogs. And glitter. No, wait. Skip the glitter… we’ll just have to clean it up.

Why Kleenrite?

Do you really want to do your own cleaning? Be honest. Your people are far too busy doing their jobs to do any kind of deep cleaning. We can efficiently clean your space without disrupting the customers or employees who use it. We come in after hours and work like little elves so when you show up the next morning, everything is all sparkly.

Your office, your schedule.

You set your cleaning schedule and we’ll make it happen. Customers (and you!) will notice your place is always spotless. No matter the size of your business, leave the dirty work to us. You’ll make a great first impression every time.

One more thing: Cleaning is our passion. We’re thorough. We’re passionate. And we’d love to talk about how we can make a difference for you.