December 9, 2022

Happy Potluck Season. What could go wrong?

Either you love ‘em or you love to hate ‘em. But no matter what side of the fence you’re on, there’s no denying it’s officially Office Potluck Season.

Never mind the absurdity of this inexplicable phenomenon where, in offices all across town, everyone brings a dish from his or her respective kitchen to share with the masses as a gesture of community and goodwill. Potlucks can be downright gross. Not to mention super-spreaders of Ptomaine poisoning.

But hey, never fear. As people pull out their slow cookers and dust off their holiday-themed serving dishes, keep Kleenrite in mind to help whip your office back into shape after the crumbs have settled. Consider these nasty scenarios:

  • Bev, the cat lady from HR, is bringing a tray of mystery meat sandwiches loaded with too much drippy mayonnaise.
  • Crazy Steve from accounting is whipping up his “famous” 14-layer salad, at least 7 of which will end up in the carpet.
  • Roommates (and bachelors who don’t cook) Eddie and Derek from marketing will show up with pickled herring, steamed Brussels sprouts, or other fragrant sides.
  • And, let’s not forget the nifty blend of odors that’s sure to linger after the lids get removed from the nine crock pots lining the conference room table.

We hope we didn’t trigger any PTSD you might have regarding this subject, but consider this a reminder that we’ll remove any evidence of a potluck you may encounter this holiday season. Cleaning is our thing. But we’re not touching Jenny’s leftover cocktail weenies that were mistakenly left at the office over the weekend in an uncovered 6-quart Cuisinart. That one’s on you.