February 21, 2023

The 5 sins of do-it-yourself office cleaning

Okay, people… listen up. This isn’t a lecture. It’s more of a public service message for those of you who insist on cleaning your own workplace. Here are few of the top sins committed by do-it-yourselfers that could end up costing you in the long run.

SIN #1 – Ignoring Hard-to-Reach Places

“Out of sight, out of mind” isn’t a great mantra when it comes to cleaning your office. Those “out of sight” places are often the dirtiest where bacteria and viruses love to congregate. Insert mental picture of germs gathered ‘round the water cooler here. When you hire a professional cleaning service, no space goes untouched.

SIN #2 – Using the Wrong Cleaning Supplies

A bottle of all-purpose cleaner ought to do the trick, right? Wrong. Here’s the deal. There’s not one specific cleaning product that works for every situation throughout the office. The result of using an all-purpose cleaner for everything is a bunch of built-up chemicals and a lot of wasted money. At Kleenrite, we use the right cleaning product for each unique situation.

SIN #3 – Using Harsh Chemicals

Supercharged chemicals don’t always mean super clean. Actually, harsh chemicals should be avoided like the plague for the most part because the fumes can damage your health and working environment. This, of course, leads to illness and lost productivity. We use chemicals sparingly and believe in a green cleaning philosophy to protect your workplace and people.

SIN #4 – Using Dirty Rags or Equipment

No, no, a thousand times no. If you insist on using the same mop, sponge or rag to clean your place, you’re just smearing germs and bacteria around. You’re also creating a nifty breeding ground for mold and fungi. To do cleaning right, which coincidentally is why we call ourselves Kleenrite, you should use fresh cleaning equipment each time and in each cleaning zone.

SIN #5 – Doing a Cursory Job on Bathrooms

There’s nothing quite like a communal bathroom for all things icky. That’s why many choose to avoid it or do an “I’ve got to hurry up and get out of here before I singe my eyebrows” kind of quick-clean. Yup, office bathrooms are beyond disgusting. Which is why it’s good to lean on the expertise of a professional.

There you have it, folks. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, heed our advice and do not commit these sins. Better yet, give us a shout and we can talk about how we can remove cleaning from your to-do list. We’d love to help.