April 18, 2023

Not-so-clean office? Here are your risks.

Let’s be real. A dirty workspace can become a habitat for new forms of life. Not the kind of life that inspires Disney movies, but rather the kind of life that conjures images of hazmat suits. And who wants to show up for work in a hazmat suit? It’s not a good look.

If office cleanliness isn’t at the top of your priority list, you’re at risk of inviting ants, roaches, and all sorts of other little friends into your space. Before you know it, they’ll be stealing your snacks. Without snacks, you become hangry. And when you’re hangry, you might take it out on your co-workers. You know, kind of a snowball effect.

Listen up, people. Take pride in your workspace and keep it clean. We know peeps who can help. Actually, we ARE peeps who can help.

So, while those little critters living in your office are chewing on your snacks, here’s a little something for you to chew on. Here are the biggest risks from a not-so-clean work environment:

Reduced Productivity

A dirty or cluttered office can be distracting and impact on your team’s focus and productivity. Which can snowball into missed deadlines and a decline in the quality of work. Not cool.

Increased Health Risks

Germs and bacteria are great for science labs. Not so great for your office. When you’re surrounded by all these invisible pests, you have a higher risk for illnesses and, of course, more sick people and decreased morale.

A Damaged Reputation

A filthy workspace can leave a negative impression on clients, visitors, and potential hires. It’s great when people talk about your business – just not in this way. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so do it right.

Increased Costs

If you neglect your office, you could end up with higher maintenance and repair costs because you’ve let things go for too long. For example, an uncleaned spill quickly becomes an unsightly (and sometimes permanent) stain. To put a finer point on it, regular cleaning is good!

Legal Liabilities

Hey, it could happen. If you fail to keep things clean and safe, you’re at risk of an employee getting sick due to unsanitary conditions or being injured because they tripped on a few months’ worth of clutter on their way to the water cooler. You know what that means… better call the lawyer.

Yes, your business has to generate revenue. But that shouldn’t be your only priority. Keep cleanliness in mind and you’ll make a huge difference in your operational efficiency and productivity. Not to mention your bottom line. After all, you probably got over that “dorm room smell” years ago. Let’s not revisit it.