August 15, 2023

 9 sarcastic steps for choosing a commercial cleaning company

 Yippee! The dust bunnies at the office have taken over and you finally decided to find yourself a commercial cleaning company to tame these beasts. How do you get started? We’re going to turn convention on its head and give you a sarcastic look at how NOT to get started. Hang on tight… here we go! 

Step 1
Lackadaisical Research 

Start your journey by doing the bare minimum amount of research. Just pick the first company that pop up on a search engine without bothering to read any reviews or testimonials. After all, who needs other people’s experiences when you can blindly trust Google?

Step 2
Ignoring Credentials 

You could check if the company has any certifications or qualifications, but isn’t your gut instinct more reliable? So, go ahead and hire a company with a questionable reputation. It’s sure to be exciting!

Step 3
Skimpy Quotes 

Ask for quotes from cleaning companies, but make sure to be as vague as possible about what you need. That way, you’ll get estimates that will be filled with surprises later on. Who doesn’t like surprises? 

Step 4
Avoid References 

If a company offers references from their satisfied customers, just say no. You wouldn’t want to hear success stories or know if their clients are happy with their services. It’s way more fun to roll the dice. 

Step 5
Disregard Insurance 

Accidents never happen, right? So, go ahead and hire a company without any liability coverage. That way, you can experience the thrilling joy of financial ruin if anything goes awry!

Step 6
Ghost Communication 

Choose a company that takes ages to respond to your calls or emails. Their unreliability will add a touch of suspense to the whole cleaning process. Who knows if they’ll even show up on the agreed date? Mystery at its finest!

Step 7
Untrained Staff 

Make sure the cleaning company doesn’t invest in training its staff. Untrained cleaners bring a delightful element of unpredictability to the job. Will they use the right cleaning products? Will they know how to operate equipment? It’s like watching a train wreck or dumpster fire. Fun, fun, fun!

Step 8
Forego Flexibility 

Ignore any company that offers customized cleaning schedules or adapts to your changing needs. It’s more exciting to deal with a rigid company that can’t accommodate your requirements. Convenience is overrated. 

Step 9
Abandon Follow-ups 

Once you’ve hired a company, forget about communicating with them regularly. Let them do their thing, and you’ll never have to address any issues that may arise. It’s like running with scissors! 

This sarcastic guide is all in good fun, which is how we roll at Kleenrite. In reality, choosing a commercial cleaning company requires careful research, checking references, verifying insurance, and ensuring their services align with your needs. Don’t forget to communicate openly and establish a good working relationship with the company you choose. Happy hunting!