October 24, 2023

Clean-Speak 101: Behold the magic of PH7

Picture this:

It’s a bustling day and a Kleenrite crew is buzzing around a client’s office like caffeinated hummingbirds. Suddenly, they encounter an unidentified puddle of goo. What happens next? They reach for the PH7.

What the heck is PH7? It sounds like a mad scientist’s formula, doesn’t it? But it’s actually a type of multi-purpose cleaner that delivers a nifty combination of gentle and effective. Not to get all “science-y” on you, but it kinda makes water wetter by spreading out the drops instead of letting them bead up. This breaks down surface tension for a cleaner clean.

PH7 is designed to tackle a veritable pot pourri of cleaning tasks and is safe to use on about any surface. At Kleenrite, we especially dig PH7 for cleaning floors. Here’s why:

1. It’s the great neutralizer.

PH7 can swoop in to neutralize things like acidic coffee spills that threaten to etch their mark forever. Your floors will thank you.

2. It’s a harmony keeper.

PH7 maintains the peace. It can handle messes with the grace of a diplomat diffusing a tense situation. It’s almost as if you can hear PH7 say, “Calm down, everyone; we can coexist.”

3. It enhances the mood.

Get your mind out of the gutter. We’re talking office mood here. PH7 is like having an office therapist. It restores a harmonious pH balance to the entire workplace so colleagues stop bickering about whose turn it is to clean the microwave.

4. It’s a non-toxic crusader.

PH7 is the environmentally friendly, non-toxic champion of commercial cleaning. Unlike other cleaning products, it won’t trigger an evacuation when inhaled. Everyone will breathe easier.

5. It’s an odor banisher.

Forget those chemical odors that remind you of a science lab. PH7 leaves behind a fresh, clean scent that’s every bit as inviting as a basket of freshly baked donuts.

6. It’s a versatile virtuoso.

No matter if we’re fighting grime, grease, or everyday dust and dirt, PH7 gets it done without having to clutter up the ol’ cleaning cart with dozens of different products.

See, PH7 is kind of our unsung hero because it’s like having a fairy godmother in a bottle. We hope you enjoyed this deeper dive into our crazy world of being neat freaks. Stick with us and you’ll be talking fluent clean-speak before you know it.