The magical joy of ‘Deep blue’

To those of you who are not self-proclaimed cleaning geeks, “Deep Blue” might conjure images of the ocean. Or maybe it makes you think of that somewhat famous chess-playing IBM supercomputer of the same name.

To us, “Deep Blue” is the name of another magic potion that takes up residency in our cleaning carts.

We won’t bore you with details about its pH levels (between 10.0 and 12.0 if you’re curious) or the fact it’s 100% soluble in water. We’ll cut right to the chase.

Deep Blue quickly penetrates dust, smoke, grease, and grime on pretty much any glass surface. Its versatile formula means we can also use it to clean stainless steel, Formica, plastic, porcelain, and chrome. And not only does it provide an excellent clean; it also polishes and brightens most hard surfaces.

We don’t expect you to get jazzed about cleaning the way we do. But sharing our passion is a nice way to help you understand the methods behind our madness. Plus, it gives you a meaningful conversation starter if you ever see us while working late on cleaning night. Just be warned… we can talk all night about this stuff.

The Pitfalls of DIY Commercial Cleaning

We hear it all the time. “We have mops, brooms and rags… we don’t need no stinkin’ cleaning service.” Well, you certainly CAN clean your office space yourself. But we’re guessing you have better things to do. Like run your business.

Because “Why do we need to hire you?” is one of our most-asked questions, we figured it would make sense to serve up a few compelling reasons. Here we go…

We know our #@*&!

Bottom line is that we’re trained professionals who specialize in efficient and effective cleaning. Trust us, we’ve seen every type of stain or mess imaginable. Meaning we know exactly what to do in every situation.

We save you time.

Running a business takes time. So does cleaning. Hiring Kleenrite frees up valuable time for you to focus on making widgets or whatever it is you do. The old saying, “It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it” certainly applies here.

We clean right.

Allow us to connect the dots. We clean right… and the name of our business is Kleenrite. Sometimes, we’re so darn clever, we just stare at each other in amazement. But seriously, we have professional-grade equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure you get a high standard of cleanliness.

We customize.

Whatever you need, we do it just for you. Whether it’s regular cleaning, deep cleaning, or specialized services for certain areas, we’ll create a custom cleaning plan that fits you.

We’re cost-effective.

Seems counterintuitive, but working with us can save you money. To handle the job yourself, you’d need to continually invest in cleaning supplies and equipment. Not to mention the time you spend doing it can really add up. We have cost-effective options that provide a literal crap-ton of value.

We make your place healthier.

We’re all over industry standards and health/safety guidelines like ugly on an ape. The stuff we use promotes a hygienic and safe environment to reduce the risk of illness or accidents in the workplace. That said, we still don’t recommend you go around licking doorknobs.

We deliver big first impressions.

A clean business space creates a positive first impression on customers, clients, and potential hires. You can’t put a price tag on that!

Still not convinced? One call puts the wheels in motion for a no-obligation consultation. We think you’ll dig our program. Until then, think clean thoughts.

New year, new dawn: Making your office sparkle in 2024

As we turn our calendars to 2024, you’re presented with a golden opportunity to wipe the slate clean and fill it with New Year’s resolutions.

Of course, we’re talking about your pledge to keep your commercial space cleaner than ever before. As luck would have it, we can help with that.

Our mop-wielding pros have an arsenal of cleaning supplies that can transform your office into a shining beacon of order and cleanliness. Think of us as your unsung heroes of order, your wizards of wipe, and your maestros of mop. Given a chance, we’ll excavate layers of paperwork to vanquish dust bunnies and unearth forgotten office supplies with military precision.

Let’s face it. Sometimes you need more than good intentions. Make the New Year a chance to usher in a new era – a cleaner new era that will have your clients or customers buzzing. Forget the weight loss gimmicks and other empty promises you’re about to make. This year, lean into a resolution you can actually achieve.

Imagine a utopian office space where trash cans are never overflowing and the break room is a beacon of sanitation. Where the thrill of filled restroom soap dispensers and odor-free common areas are the norm.

Come on, people… you can do this. Shatter the expectations of a perpetually messy and bacteria-filled workplace. Welcome our cleaning warriors with open arms and let’s make 2024 the year to shine. Literally.

The Magic of Microfiber

At Kleenrite, we don’t just grab any old mop to swab the floors of our customers across the Sioux Falls area. When we clean, we clean right (hence the name of our business!). That’s why we insist on commercial-grade microfiber mops.

First, they’re super-efficient. Microfiber mops trap and remove dirt, dust bunnies, and bacteria from surfaces instead of just pushing them around like a grater on a dirt road. They’re also very absorbent. These amazing tools can hold a literal crap-ton of liquid, which makes them great for spills and leaving surfaces dry after cleaning.

Next up, microfiber mops are more durable than those batteries with the drumming spokesbunny. They’re made of a material that can withstand frequent use and washing. Perfect for the high-traffic and large spaces found in many businesses. Plus, they can be used on tile, hardwood, laminate and even delicate surfaces.

One of the things we like best about these gems is that is allows us to use fewer chemicals as compared to traditional mops. Microfiber mops can remove dirt and bacteria with just water so they’re environmentally friendly and can contribute to cost savings.

We don’t mess around at Kleenrite. We use only the best equipment and supplies. And it shows in every glistening workplace we tend to across our fine city. Need your place cleaned right? You know who to call.

Boldy cleaning where no one has cleaned before: The wonders of Kling toilet bowl cleaner

 In the vast expanse of bathroom galaxies, one cleaner has boldly gone where no toilet bowl cleaner has gone before – Kling Toilet Bowl Cleaner! Strap in, because we’re about to embark on a wondrous journey about one of the most valuable items on all Kleenrite cleaning carts. 

Beam Me Up, Stains!

You’ve likely encountered stubborn stains that seemed like they were from another dimension. Fear not, for Kling Toilet Bowl Cleaner sends those stains packing to even the most distant Klingon penal colony. No stain can resist the power of Kling – it’s like a photon torpedo for your porcelain throne.

Klingonic Freshness

While most toilet bowl cleaners merely mask odors, Kling takes it a step further. It doesn’t just eliminate unpleasant smells; it obliterates them with a scent so fresh it’s like a burst of clean air from a springtime meadow. Your restrooms will smell so fantastic you’ll want to eat your lunch in there. Seriously.

Like a Force Field… Only Stronger

Kling Toilet Bowl Cleaner doesn’t clean. It conquers. Its formula is so powerful that it forms an invisible force field around your toilet, protecting it from pretty much everything. Your porcelain throne will become a symbol of envy.

Warp-Speed Cleaning

In the time it takes other cleaners to make their way through the neutral zone of your toilet, Kling has already reached warp speed. Its advanced formula means less time scrubbing and more time doing things that are way more fun than cleaning toilets – like binge-watching your favorite Netflix series or perfecting your karaoke skills.

Klingonomics: Because Kling Is Worth It

Kling Toilet Bowl Cleaner ain’t cheap. But it’s worth every penny because it’s not just a cleaner. It’s an experience. And who wouldn’t pay a little extra for the privilege of having a toilet that’s cleaner than the average surgical suite?

You probably don’t spend a ton of time thinking about your toilets. But we do. And because we use maximum strength products like Kling, you reap the benefits. You’re welcome. Now go have yourself a nice day. Your thrones are in good hands with us.

Clean-Speak 101: Behold the magic of PH7

Picture this:

It’s a bustling day and a Kleenrite crew is buzzing around a client’s office like caffeinated hummingbirds. Suddenly, they encounter an unidentified puddle of goo. What happens next? They reach for the PH7.

What the heck is PH7? It sounds like a mad scientist’s formula, doesn’t it? But it’s actually a type of multi-purpose cleaner that delivers a nifty combination of gentle and effective. Not to get all “science-y” on you, but it kinda makes water wetter by spreading out the drops instead of letting them bead up. This breaks down surface tension for a cleaner clean.

PH7 is designed to tackle a veritable pot pourri of cleaning tasks and is safe to use on about any surface. At Kleenrite, we especially dig PH7 for cleaning floors. Here’s why:

1. It’s the great neutralizer.

PH7 can swoop in to neutralize things like acidic coffee spills that threaten to etch their mark forever. Your floors will thank you.

2. It’s a harmony keeper.

PH7 maintains the peace. It can handle messes with the grace of a diplomat diffusing a tense situation. It’s almost as if you can hear PH7 say, “Calm down, everyone; we can coexist.”

3. It enhances the mood.

Get your mind out of the gutter. We’re talking office mood here. PH7 is like having an office therapist. It restores a harmonious pH balance to the entire workplace so colleagues stop bickering about whose turn it is to clean the microwave.

4. It’s a non-toxic crusader.

PH7 is the environmentally friendly, non-toxic champion of commercial cleaning. Unlike other cleaning products, it won’t trigger an evacuation when inhaled. Everyone will breathe easier.

5. It’s an odor banisher.

Forget those chemical odors that remind you of a science lab. PH7 leaves behind a fresh, clean scent that’s every bit as inviting as a basket of freshly baked donuts.

6. It’s a versatile virtuoso.

No matter if we’re fighting grime, grease, or everyday dust and dirt, PH7 gets it done without having to clutter up the ol’ cleaning cart with dozens of different products.

See, PH7 is kind of our unsung hero because it’s like having a fairy godmother in a bottle. We hope you enjoyed this deeper dive into our crazy world of being neat freaks. Stick with us and you’ll be talking fluent clean-speak before you know it. 

The legend of squeakyville

The story may be fictitious. But we present this far-fetched tale for two reasons. We want you to be entertained. And to remind you that, although commercial cleaning is serious business, we like to have fun. With that, please enjoy…

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Squeakyville, there existed a commercial cleaning company named Kleenrite. It was known far and wide for its impeccable reputation in turning the messiest of places into pristine havens. However, there was one particular job that would go down in infamy as the “Commercial Cleaning Horror from Hell.”

It all began when Mr. Snodgrass, the owner of a dilapidated old factory, gave Kleenrite a call. The facility hadn’t been cleaned in decades, and the layers of grime and mystery substances that had accumulated were enough to make a biohazard team cringe. The person in charge of customer cleanliness, a confident and slightly eccentric man named Tim, saw this as the ultimate challenge. He assembled his team of cleaning experts and set out to tackle the mess head-on.

As they entered the factory, the team was hit by an overwhelming smell that could only be described as a mix between rotten eggs, week-old fish, and something we cannot publish in this blog. But Tim was undeterred. Armed with an arsenal of cleaning supplies, the team rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

Their vacuum cleaners roared, their mops swished, and their faces twisted in disgust as they encountered who-knows-what lurking in the shadows. At one point, a mop handle snapped in half as it tried to tackle a particularly stubborn gooey substance on the floor. Tim, with his unwavering determination, declared, “Fear not, for we shall triumph over this mess!”

Hours turned into days, and the team’s progress was slow but steady. They uncovered artifacts that seemed to belong in a museum of oddities – from a disco ball covered in bacon grease, to a stack of antique “Employee of the Month” plaques.

But the real horror was yet to come. As the team ventured deeper into the bowels of the factory, they stumbled upon a locked room. Determined to leave no corner untouched, Tim pulled out a set of keys and opened the door. The sight that greeted them was beyond their wildest nightmares.

Thousands of rubber ducks, all shapes, and sizes, were crammed into the room. They formed a sea of yellow and orange, their beady eyes staring blankly ahead. It was as if this room had become a secret rubber duck graveyard. Tim, aghast and flabbergasted, couldn’t help but burst into nervous laughter. “Well,” he managed to choke out, “I guess this is the rubber ducky apocalypse we’ve all been fearing.”

The story of the “Commercial Cleaning Horror from Hell” quickly spread throughout Squeakyville, becoming the stuff of legend. Kleenrite managed to conquer the mess eventually, though the memory of that rubber duck room haunted their dreams for nights to come.

And so, dear reader, if you ever find yourself faced with a cleaning challenge that seems insurmountable, just remember the brave souls at Kleenrite. Then call to discuss your situation. 

Feel free to ask for Tim.

 9 sarcastic steps for choosing a commercial cleaning company

 Yippee! The dust bunnies at the office have taken over and you finally decided to find yourself a commercial cleaning company to tame these beasts. How do you get started? We’re going to turn convention on its head and give you a sarcastic look at how NOT to get started. Hang on tight… here we go! 

Step 1
Lackadaisical Research 

Start your journey by doing the bare minimum amount of research. Just pick the first company that pop up on a search engine without bothering to read any reviews or testimonials. After all, who needs other people’s experiences when you can blindly trust Google?

Step 2
Ignoring Credentials 

You could check if the company has any certifications or qualifications, but isn’t your gut instinct more reliable? So, go ahead and hire a company with a questionable reputation. It’s sure to be exciting!

Step 3
Skimpy Quotes 

Ask for quotes from cleaning companies, but make sure to be as vague as possible about what you need. That way, you’ll get estimates that will be filled with surprises later on. Who doesn’t like surprises? 

Step 4
Avoid References 

If a company offers references from their satisfied customers, just say no. You wouldn’t want to hear success stories or know if their clients are happy with their services. It’s way more fun to roll the dice. 

Step 5
Disregard Insurance 

Accidents never happen, right? So, go ahead and hire a company without any liability coverage. That way, you can experience the thrilling joy of financial ruin if anything goes awry!

Step 6
Ghost Communication 

Choose a company that takes ages to respond to your calls or emails. Their unreliability will add a touch of suspense to the whole cleaning process. Who knows if they’ll even show up on the agreed date? Mystery at its finest!

Step 7
Untrained Staff 

Make sure the cleaning company doesn’t invest in training its staff. Untrained cleaners bring a delightful element of unpredictability to the job. Will they use the right cleaning products? Will they know how to operate equipment? It’s like watching a train wreck or dumpster fire. Fun, fun, fun!

Step 8
Forego Flexibility 

Ignore any company that offers customized cleaning schedules or adapts to your changing needs. It’s more exciting to deal with a rigid company that can’t accommodate your requirements. Convenience is overrated. 

Step 9
Abandon Follow-ups 

Once you’ve hired a company, forget about communicating with them regularly. Let them do their thing, and you’ll never have to address any issues that may arise. It’s like running with scissors! 

This sarcastic guide is all in good fun, which is how we roll at Kleenrite. In reality, choosing a commercial cleaning company requires careful research, checking references, verifying insurance, and ensuring their services align with your needs. Don’t forget to communicate openly and establish a good working relationship with the company you choose. Happy hunting!

The 7 deadly sins of commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning is not for the squeamish. The brave souls who gallantly fight germs and bacteria to keep workplaces from resembling a Petrie dish are trained to do battle with just about anything. 

We always try to attack our work in the most efficient way possible. Along the way, we’ve observed some of the most common mistakes made in commercial cleaning. Because we also happen to dig learning, we’ve applied these observations to all that we do. 

Without further ado, here are the top mistakes known to commercial cleaning.

Sucky Training

People aren’t born with a dust cloth in one hand and a mop in the other for crying out loud. To make sure the job is done right, we put our peeps through training so they understand proper cleaning techniques, effective product usage, and how to protect surfaces and equipment from damage. 

Lousy Communication

Remember playing “Telephone” when you were a kid? By the time the last kid got ahold of the original message, it was usually something completely different. We work hard to establish clear communication between cleaning staff and client to avoid misunderstandings and unmet expectations.

Less-Than-Stellar Equipment and Supplies

There ought to be a law against outdated or insufficient cleaning equipment and supplies. The right tools for the job are words we live by.

Neglecting High-Touch Areas

We pledge to never stick our heads in the sand about those high-touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, elevator buttons, or anything else that could be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. 

Making It a Sprint

We’re like a well-oiled machine and we take pride in doing the job right. We don’t cut corners. And we don’t rush to the point of missing things. That’s a promise.

Lax Quality Control

Without the proverbial white glove test, you end up with grumpy customers. That’s why we go through our QC checklist on every job and welcome your feedback on stuff we can improve on. 

Not Keeping Up with Industry Best Practices

This isn’t your grandma’s cleaning service. Times change. Techniques improve. And the tools evolve. We’re fanatics about cleaning so we keep up with the latest trends to make sure you get a squeaky-clean office time after time.

There you have it, folks. We do our absolute best not to violate these deadly sins on every job. Because we’re human, things occasionally don’t go according to expectations. If that ever happens, we wear our big boy and big girl pants to be able to take the heat so we can make it right. 

Until next time, let’s keep it clean!

A day in the life: confessions of a commercial cleaner

Raise your hand if you’ve lost sleep wondering what it’s like to be a commercial cleaner. (Insert chirping cricket sound effects here.)

Since we brought it up, we feel it’s our duty and responsibility to share a somewhat fabricated account of a day in the life of a Kleenrite clean freak. Side note: We’re passionate as hell about cleaning, but we’re not afraid to have a little fun at our expense. 

Buckle up. Here we go…

Morning mayhem

Our story begins at the crack of dawn when most reasonable humans are still snuggled up in their beds. Armed with an arsenal of cleaning supplies and maybe a Red Bull or two to wake us up (hey, we’re human), we boldly enter a client’s workplace. It’s upon entry that we encounter our first “situation.”

What’s that mystery mess?

A quick visual survey of the facility brings up a question we face multiple times per day: What the heck is that? We’ve seen it all. A half-eaten slice of pizza on top of a filing cabinet. A tape dispenser inside the microwave. Get the idea? An office seems to possess a bizarre ability to generate messes that belong in a Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not Museum rather than a professional setting. With a quizzical look, our Kleerite pros dive headfirst into the day’s chaotic quest for clean. 

Never mind us. It’s just a dust bunny dance-off.

We’re here to tell you, these creatures can be large and menacing. And because they’re so light, they almost float to give the illusion that they’re dancing. These fluffy rascals take center stage spinning, twirling, and pirouetting across the floor. But don’t be fooled! Our brave cleaning pros with a feather duster in hand along with some epic dance moves of their own, join the fray in hopes of showing even the largest dust bunny who’s boss.

Hello Mr. Grime Monster

Grime monsters thrive in the darkest corners of commercial spaces. From the breakroom microwave to the forgotten coffee stains on desks and conference room tables, they make their homes in the unlikeliest places. But fear not. Our cleaning superheroes are here to save the day with a bottle of “Grime-B-Gone” at their side while humming a heavy metal classic that strikes fear into the hearts of the toughest foes. FYI – “Grime-B-Gone” isn’t a thing. We just made it up.

The office odor mystery

It’s a tale as old as time itself – the quest to discover the source of that mysterious odor wafting around the office for the past week. Our valiant crew is up to the challenge as they sniff their way through the hallways like police dogs. Is it the forgotten lunch in the fridge? Or maybe the rogue banana hiding in that weird guy from Renner’s desk drawer? The anticipation builds until the truth unfolds and we discard the source – sometimes wearing a hazmat suit.

Thank you for joining us on this journey into our world. Sometimes it’s bizarre. Sometimes it’s downright frightening. But we welcome every opportunity we get to make workplaces sparkly clean. Every day is an adventure, and although we love what we do, we thrive on our customers giving us a knowing wink along with a sincere, “Nicely done.” 

Great moments in cleaning history

We get it. Cleaning may not be the most glamorous thing, but to us it’s a source of massive pride and as necessary to life as, say, water.

Because you probably don’t obsess about cleaning like we do, we thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight some truly great moments in cleaning that have left their mark on society. Buckle up, this is going to be fun (for us, anyway)!

No. 1 2800 B.C. – Soap Use Becomes Common

According to ancient folklore, soap was first used by Babylonians to clean pots and pans. Not exactly commercial cleaning, but still a big day that helped set the stage for Kleenrite.

No. 2 1797 – The Invention of the Broom

Let’s hear it for the broom! It’s a simple but effective tool that’s been used for centuries to sweep floors and clean up messes. Legend has it that the first broom was invented by a woman who bound together twigs.
God bless her.

No. 3 1800s – The Origins of Spring Cleaning in America

Spring cleaning got its start from having to clean homes because fireplaces and rudimentary heaters would leave them with a layer of soot. We don’t recommend only cleaning your business in the spring, but still a great moment to be recognized.

No. 4 1870s – The Feather Duster is Invented

Rumor has it, an Iowa farmer took some turkey feathers to a factory and requested they make a brush out ofit. We don’t know who this dude is, but what a visionary!

No. 5 Early 1900s – The Discovery of Antibacterial Soap

Scientists discovered the power of antibacterial soap to kill germs and prevent the spread of disease. This breakthrough revolutionized the cleaning industry and paved the way for the development of countless other cleaning products that we use every single day to keep your workplace sparkly clean.

No. 6 1901 – The Invention of the Vacuum Cleaner

Before the invention of the vacuum cleaner, cleaning carpets and floors was a back-breaking task that required a literal crap-ton of time and effort. In 1901, a man named Hubert Booth invented the first powered vacuum cleaner, which made cleaning floors a breeze. Shouldn’t there be a statue of him somewhere?

Cleaning. To you it’s “meh.” To us, it’s life. Thanks to these great moments in cleaning history, we’re inspired to do our very best each time we walk into your workplace. So, next time you pick up a broom or scrub a surface, remember that you, too, are part of a long and proud tradition of cleaning excellence.

Not-so-clean office? Here are your risks.

Let’s be real. A dirty workspace can become a habitat for new forms of life. Not the kind of life that inspires Disney movies, but rather the kind of life that conjures images of hazmat suits. And who wants to show up for work in a hazmat suit? It’s not a good look.

If office cleanliness isn’t at the top of your priority list, you’re at risk of inviting ants, roaches, and all sorts of other little friends into your space. Before you know it, they’ll be stealing your snacks. Without snacks, you become hangry. And when you’re hangry, you might take it out on your co-workers. You know, kind of a snowball effect.

Listen up, people. Take pride in your workspace and keep it clean. We know peeps who can help. Actually, we ARE peeps who can help.

So, while those little critters living in your office are chewing on your snacks, here’s a little something for you to chew on. Here are the biggest risks from a not-so-clean work environment:

Reduced Productivity

A dirty or cluttered office can be distracting and impact on your team’s focus and productivity. Which can snowball into missed deadlines and a decline in the quality of work. Not cool.

Increased Health Risks

Germs and bacteria are great for science labs. Not so great for your office. When you’re surrounded by all these invisible pests, you have a higher risk for illnesses and, of course, more sick people and decreased morale.

A Damaged Reputation

A filthy workspace can leave a negative impression on clients, visitors, and potential hires. It’s great when people talk about your business – just not in this way. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so do it right.

Increased Costs

If you neglect your office, you could end up with higher maintenance and repair costs because you’ve let things go for too long. For example, an uncleaned spill quickly becomes an unsightly (and sometimes permanent) stain. To put a finer point on it, regular cleaning is good!

Legal Liabilities

Hey, it could happen. If you fail to keep things clean and safe, you’re at risk of an employee getting sick due to unsanitary conditions or being injured because they tripped on a few months’ worth of clutter on their way to the water cooler. You know what that means… better call the lawyer.

Yes, your business has to generate revenue. But that shouldn’t be your only priority. Keep cleanliness in mind and you’ll make a huge difference in your operational efficiency and productivity. Not to mention your bottom line. After all, you probably got over that “dorm room smell” years ago. Let’s not revisit it.

When we’re in the zone, you win

 Open the Googles and search “getting in the zone.” Here’s what you’ll find:

“The zone is a positive mental state in which an individual accomplishes a task at a peak performance level.”

Sounds all “rainbows and puppy dogs,” doesn’t it? Well guess what? Kleenrite has been doing “Zone Cleaning” since the beginning of time. Or at least since the beginning of Kleenrite, anyway. 

Zone Cleaning (we also call it “Team Cleaning”) is a strategy where the office is divided into different areas, each with a designated cleaning schedule. This approach to commercial cleaning is gaining popularity for good reason. 

#1 – Increased Productivity.

When we embark upon a structured cleaning schedule, your peeps will work in a cleaner and more organized environment. Studies show that can lead to increased productivity. This is especially important in open-plan offices where distractions can really drag productivity into the crapper.

#2 – More Efficient Use of Cleaning Staff.

With zone cleaning in larger workspaces, our team can be assigned to specific areas to make the best use of their time and resources. In the end, you’ll get a deeper clean in each zone and reduce the overall cleaning time, which might even save you some dough.

#3 – Improved Health and Hygiene.

No one wants to choke on dust bunnies and airborne pathogens. Zone cleaning ensures that high-traffic areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, are cleaned more frequently to reduce the spread of germs and promote a healthier work environment.

#4 – Better Office Aesthetics.

A clean and organized workplace not only promotes a positive image to clients and visitors, but also improves the morale of your team. Heck, you might even walk in to a spontaneous chorus of “Kumbaya” from time-to-time complements of your overly happy team.

There you have it. Zone Cleaning rocks and so does a spiffy and sterilized workplace. By improving productivity, promoting good health and hygiene, and enhancing office aesthetics, you’ll come out smelling like a rose. So to speak. 

Want to learn more about Zone Cleaning and how we can eliminate the unpleasant task of cleaning from your to-do list? One call will get it started.  

The 5 sins of do-it-yourself office cleaning

Okay, people… listen up. This isn’t a lecture. It’s more of a public service message for those of you who insist on cleaning your own workplace. Here are few of the top sins committed by do-it-yourselfers that could end up costing you in the long run.

SIN #1 – Ignoring Hard-to-Reach Places

“Out of sight, out of mind” isn’t a great mantra when it comes to cleaning your office. Those “out of sight” places are often the dirtiest where bacteria and viruses love to congregate. Insert mental picture of germs gathered ‘round the water cooler here. When you hire a professional cleaning service, no space goes untouched.

SIN #2 – Using the Wrong Cleaning Supplies

A bottle of all-purpose cleaner ought to do the trick, right? Wrong. Here’s the deal. There’s not one specific cleaning product that works for every situation throughout the office. The result of using an all-purpose cleaner for everything is a bunch of built-up chemicals and a lot of wasted money. At Kleenrite, we use the right cleaning product for each unique situation.

SIN #3 – Using Harsh Chemicals

Supercharged chemicals don’t always mean super clean. Actually, harsh chemicals should be avoided like the plague for the most part because the fumes can damage your health and working environment. This, of course, leads to illness and lost productivity. We use chemicals sparingly and believe in a green cleaning philosophy to protect your workplace and people.

SIN #4 – Using Dirty Rags or Equipment

No, no, a thousand times no. If you insist on using the same mop, sponge or rag to clean your place, you’re just smearing germs and bacteria around. You’re also creating a nifty breeding ground for mold and fungi. To do cleaning right, which coincidentally is why we call ourselves Kleenrite, you should use fresh cleaning equipment each time and in each cleaning zone.

SIN #5 – Doing a Cursory Job on Bathrooms

There’s nothing quite like a communal bathroom for all things icky. That’s why many choose to avoid it or do an “I’ve got to hurry up and get out of here before I singe my eyebrows” kind of quick-clean. Yup, office bathrooms are beyond disgusting. Which is why it’s good to lean on the expertise of a professional.

There you have it, folks. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, heed our advice and do not commit these sins. Better yet, give us a shout and we can talk about how we can remove cleaning from your to-do list. We’d love to help.

Office cleaning is not for the meek!

Running a business is tough stuff. So, when you lock the door at the end of the day, would you rather chill? Or clean the joint?

Thought so. In this article, we’re going to throw a few more reasons to hire a professional cleaning service your way to help make the decision easier. Here we go…

No Need To Buy Expensive Supplies And Equipment.

Most cleaning jobs require more than a mop and vacuum. When you hire a commercial cleaning service, you also get their equipment and supplies as part of the deal. Which frees up your storage space for something other than cleaning stuff. At Kleenrite, we invest in our business so we have the right tools for every job. It’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Get A Healthier Workplace.

Anyone can grab a duster and give surfaces a once-over. When you work with pros, you get regular monitoring and dusting of hard-to-reach places to get rid of those pesky allergens that cause breathing issues for so many folks. Oh, and that sponge you’d be using to swab bathroom surfaces? It probably has more bacteria than a toilet. We keep things nice and sanitary to give you a cleaner, healthier workplace.

Save A Ton Of Time.

Instead of spending your time after hours doing all the vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing, leave it to the pros. You’ll have more time to do what you’re supposed to do at work. And when you’re not at work, you can spend time hanging with the family. They’ll love you for it.

Get A More Thorough Clean.

Cleaning seems easy, right? All you have to do is grab a mop, vacuum, and a few rags. Then you do a little decluttering and you’re done. Not so fast, bucko. Are you going to take the time to really do it right? We have the know-how to clean your place from top to bottom while slaying all the germs that stand in the way.

Impress Your Customers.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When a customer walks in and sees a tidy workplace, you build instant trust. If you care enough to have a clean office, it sends a statement about your attention to detail in other areas.

Let’s Get Cleaning.

Now that you know why you should leave cleaning to the professionals, reach out and we’ll come in, take a look around, and leave you with an estimate and plenty of peace of mind. We’re Kleenrite. And we clean right! Just like the name says.

Happy Potluck Season. What could go wrong?

Either you love ‘em or you love to hate ‘em. But no matter what side of the fence you’re on, there’s no denying it’s officially Office Potluck Season.

Never mind the absurdity of this inexplicable phenomenon where, in offices all across town, everyone brings a dish from his or her respective kitchen to share with the masses as a gesture of community and goodwill. Potlucks can be downright gross. Not to mention super-spreaders of Ptomaine poisoning.

But hey, never fear. As people pull out their slow cookers and dust off their holiday-themed serving dishes, keep Kleenrite in mind to help whip your office back into shape after the crumbs have settled. Consider these nasty scenarios:

  • Bev, the cat lady from HR, is bringing a tray of mystery meat sandwiches loaded with too much drippy mayonnaise.
  • Crazy Steve from accounting is whipping up his “famous” 14-layer salad, at least 7 of which will end up in the carpet.
  • Roommates (and bachelors who don’t cook) Eddie and Derek from marketing will show up with pickled herring, steamed Brussels sprouts, or other fragrant sides.
  • And, let’s not forget the nifty blend of odors that’s sure to linger after the lids get removed from the nine crock pots lining the conference room table.

We hope we didn’t trigger any PTSD you might have regarding this subject, but consider this a reminder that we’ll remove any evidence of a potluck you may encounter this holiday season. Cleaning is our thing. But we’re not touching Jenny’s leftover cocktail weenies that were mistakenly left at the office over the weekend in an uncovered 6-quart Cuisinart. That one’s on you.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

With Thanksgiving approaching, we can’t help but get a little mushy about how thankful we are.

Here’s the deal. We love to clean. But we couldn’t do what we love without our customers who put their trust in us every day. It’s a privilege we don’t take lightly.

Every time we step foot into a customer’s business, we’re reminded of the responsibility we have. Then we turn that responsibility into an onslaught of holy terror against dust, dirt, germs, odors, and anything else that stands in the way of a sparkling clean office.

We’re also thankful for our team. They’re the ones who represent us day-in and day-out. Our amazing crew works hard and does the job right. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them.

We could go on and on about the things we’re thankful for. But rather than turn this into a novel, we’re keeping it short and sweet.

As you reach for the gravy boat this Thanksgiving, we hope you, too, are feeling thankful for all you have. We sure are.

The fine art of floor cleaning

It stands to reason that floors can be disgusting. You walk on them. Spill on them. And they probably see more wear and tear than any other part of your business.

At Kleenrite, we take immense pride in making floors sparkle with cleanliness. Like anything, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Here’s a little glimpse into the magic that is floor cleaning.

The first consideration is the type of floor you have. Is your business carpeted? Does it have ceramic tile? Vinyl? Is it waxable? Non-waxable? Or maybe a combination? Here’s a quick glimpse into a few of the most common flooring surfaces.


Carpet can take a real beating with all sorts of unmentionable things getting ground into it on a daily basis. So, we use a super-duper power vacuum to lift anything and everything out of the fibers. Come deep cleaning time, we give it a good pre-treatment, then rev up a heavy-duty carpet cleaning machine, which cleans and rinses, while sucking up as much of the filthy water as possible so it dries quicker.


Ceramic floors are durable but they need regular cleaning to keep debris from scratching both the tile and grout. We start by sweeping or vacuuming to get rid of dirt and debris. Then we use a high-pressure spinner called a Turbo Jet to make it all sparkly. Hey, just because ceramic tile doesn’t support the same level of microbial madness as carpeting doesn’t mean your time floors are safe from germs.


Concrete isn’t just for highways. When properly sealed, concrete can be a solid non-porous and stain-resistant flooring for certain types of businesses as well. To keep them clean, we remove debris with a broom or vacuum. Then, we give it a good mop job with a special solution and rinse.


To keep laminate floors looking great, we run a vacuum over it to remove any dirt and debris from the cracks and crevices. Periodically, we give it a good damp-mop treatment for a good deep cleaning. We avoid using polish or wax as well as any abrasive cleaners for fear they might damage the protective finish or scratch the floor.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks. If you want to know more about floor cleaning, call us and ask for Tim. The guy knows more about cleaning floors than you could ever imagine. But once you get him going on the topic, he can geek out about it for hours. Consider yourself warned.